Modernism Is Pop: Music Video Reboot Shop


Hello again all you crazy music lovers. To all those of you who never had a chance in 2008 to see the four amazing/fun/smart/dumbfounding contemporary-high-architecture-meets-popular-culture-videos that constituted the backbone of the blog video series “Modernism Is Pop” back then, and to all those of you who are more recent visitors to this blog and to the “Modernism Is Pop” series (who haven’t been able to watch these four videos when revisiting the 2008 blog posts because the YouTube accounts streaming the videos in 2008 have been canceled since then, or the like) - here they are, all four of them, once again (from new sources/new accounts on YouTube):

1. Modernism Is Pop: Hippety Hip Hop
The “Flute Song” video of Los Angeles rappers Alkaholiks (2006) is filmed against the backdrop of several contemporary architectural landmarks in Malmö, Sweden (of all places) - such as the new Turning Torso housing tower (Santiago Calatrava 2005), and the recent Öresund Bridge, which connects Malmö/Sweden and Copenhagen/Denmark since 2000. But also the not quite recent, but all the more classical, high-modernism of Malmö’s Hyllie water tower of 1973 gets to be in the video.

2. Modernism Is Pop: Bollywood Doo Wop
A certain Bollywood hunk flunks his bunk (i have no idea what that means) in front of Gehry, Calatrava, and Moneo.

3. Modernism Is Pop: Way Over the Top
Video clip of Europe performing their “Prisoners in Paradise” (1991) inside the Institut du monde arabe in Paris.

4. Modernism Is Pop: Boobs Galore Nonstop
Here it is, the video clip which started this whole series of architectural pop videos, “James Bond Theme (Moby’s Re-version)” from 1997.